Hope for the Homeless

This summer, I have many assignments.  One assignment is to work at the Vocation Office at the Diocese to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Another assignment is to work at the Opportunity Center, a shelter for homeless people here in El Paso. What do I do there? First and foremost, the experience […]


The Convocation: Such a Great Blessing

This past week I had the opportunity to experience my first convocation. The experience was such a blessing in many ways. One of the things I truly loved about the convocation was being able to see my fellow seminary brothers that I rarely get to see in a daily basis. The convocation made it possible […]


The Tree and Me

Through my formation I have been blessed to be able to go back and see the work of God in me. The reason why I can say that it is because I hold a diary where I put everything of my life in it. Recently, I remembered a moment in my third semester. I was outside, it […]


Español: inmersión total en Guadalajara

Yo soy afortunado por tener la oportunidad de estudiar español en Mexico, particularmente  en la famosa ciudad de Guadalajara. Before I  left  El  Paso, many of my friends were asking me how I feel and what are my  expectations. I simply replied,  “I always enjoy what I am doing. Its  going to be  an adventure and […]


Summer 2014 – A New and Wonderful Experience!

It is summer time!!! How do you enjoy your summer so far? Wish you an enjoyable, fruitful, and blessed summer. I would like to share with you how my summer looks like so far. For this summer, I am doing my Clinical Pastoral Education in Austin, Texas as a chaplain. I have been going from […]


El Verano en la Parroquia St. Joseph

Ha sido muy bonito regresar a St. Joseph, ya que había tenido la oportunidad de estar acá hace tres años en el asignamiento de verano. Ver de nuevo a las personas de la parroquia de St. Joseph trae bonitos recuerdos, pero también es necesario ver cuanto he crecido en mi vocación. Una de las preguntas […]


My Last Month at Blessed Sacrament

July 27th is my last day here at Blessed Sacrament for the summer and my pastoral internship year.  It is a little difficult to leave because of the people I have met and the ministry I have done here in the parish, but I leave so I may advance my studies towards priesthood.  It feels […]


Everything Happens For a Reason

How many people out there have problems? You could barely have any problems or you might be filled with many. Some of the problems might be small while others are big. Some might affect you more than others. The truth is that we allow our problems to influence us in our decision-making. There are many […]


Cuando Dios quiera

Uno de los hermosos ministerios de los cuales he participado durante este verano en la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima, en Van Horn, Texas, ha sido el de llevar la Eucaristía a los enfermos. He aprendido mucho del valor que estas personas tienen para enfrentar sus limitaciones poniendo su confianza en Dios, quien no […]


La Misión

¿Qué significa la palabra misión? La palabra misión según tu país de origen y el modo en el cual es ampliada puede tener varios significados, mas sin embargo en el Diccionario de la Lengua Española llama mi atención una de las definiciones usadas y es la siguiente: Salida o peregrinación que hacen los religiosos y […]


Discipleship: A Journey in Faith

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you ask this burning question: Which way, Lord? I guess all of us have gone through a lot of experiences, wherein we have to make major decisions in life. Some of these major decisions might be painful, but they help us to be who we […]

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My assignment at Santo Niño de Atocha

Great summer, a time were people can get burned, or like my mom says “Para que te pongas prietito”; in other words, so you can get your skin more burned! It is also a great time for mosquitos; “love them”. And also the best time were all of us show our true smell, of sweat, […]

Discernment / Discernimiento

My summer at Van Horn, TX

My summer at Van Horn, TX

As I live my years in seminary, God allows me to experience the richness and beauty of Our Mother Church. This summer I was assigned to help in Our Lady of Fatima Parish, at Van Horn. Even though it is a rural community and I am a “city-boy”, I have fallen in love with it. […]

Events / Eventos

Which Way, God? 2014

Which Way, God? 2014

Para leer en español, haz click aquí. Our annual vocation retreat is here! If you are interested in discovering God’s plan for your life and saying ‘yes’ to that plan, we invite you to the retreat “Which Way, God? 2014″, organized by the El Paso Vocation Office. The retreat will be on June 28th in […]

Interesting / Interesante

Institute for Priestly Formation at Omaha

Institute for Priestly Formation at Omaha

It was a beautiful experience to be in Omaha for the Summer program for priestly formation. There were around 170 seminarians from across the country. This program helped me to communicate and share experiences with other seminarians from different dioceses in the United States. This variety in Omaha helped me to grow as a seminarian and […]

Interviews / Entrevistas

Interview with Ross Epping

Interview with Ross Epping

This is the first a new series that will focus on people activities at the seminary that I attend. I know the power of the witness of the life of others. We are inspired by their actions and commitment and great love that make us want to be people of faith commitment and love. I hope […]

Reflection / Reflexión

Summer assignment

Summer assignment

Mostly seminarians are so excited when summer is approaching. Some of us are excited to go home, for vacation, to visit our family and friends, but most of all, we are all excited for our summer assignments. Two years ago, I was assigned to the same church that I am currently doing my summer apostolate. […]

Seminary Life / Vida en el Seminario

Definitely, there is not a bad death!

Definitely, there is not a bad death!

How often have we heard the message that says: “In life, brother…! In life, brother…” The truth is that this message contains a lot of wisdom in our daily existence. The issue is how we express affection, the affection and love which we have for our family members, our friends, and all people who mean […]

Vocation Story / Historia Vocacional

My Calling

My Calling

My vocation story started around the age of 8. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to attend church. My family was the type that never went to church. Every time we passed Our Lady of Assumption Church I always wanted to go inside the temple. My family just said “One day we […]


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