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Prayer for Vocations / Oración por las Vocaciones

Please join us in praying for vocations for the Diocese of El Paso.
Por favor únete en oración por vocaciones para la Diócesis de El Paso.

posada2015 poster

Posada Familiar por las Vocaciones 2015


La Vida En El Seminario

Que pronto se pasa el tiempo. Otro semestre en Concepción ya casi se termina. Siempre me pregunto, “¿Aún sigo haciendo lo que Dios quiere?” y mi repuesta siempre viene siendo sí y no. Sí, porque aún estoy feliz en lo que hago y en el lugar donde yo estoy. No, porque yo estoy consciente de […]


On the Feast of Holy Vietnamese Martyrs November 24, 2015

It is November 24, 2015! For a Vietnamese Catholic like me, it is a very special day- the solemnity of Holy Vietnamese Martyrs.  This year it is even more special! Last weekend, I got a chance to come back to the diocese for a short visit in which I helped with the bilingual Mass (English/Vietnamese). […]


Going back to the roots

One day, I was alone watching the beautiful horizon of the place where I grew-up. Its beauty, simplicity, and green nature was a paradise. Recalling those simple days of my life living with no internet, no cellphones and even the limited stations on TV. Indeed, life on the farm is very simple yet joyful. As […]


National Vocation Awareness Week 2015 / Semana Nacional de Concientización Sobre Vocaciones

God has called you to belong to him and to the community in a specific way! November 1st thru 8th is Vocation Awareness Week. Here is a list of events that we will have during that week. We invite you to participate in them. November 3rd at 7PM: Night of Discernment at Saint Charles Seminary. […]


Interviews at Mundelein

Blake Brooks is a seminarian for the Diocese of Puria. He is studying at Mundelein seminarian and he is part of the 2018 graduation class in which God willing he will become a priest. In Spring 2015 Blake leaded an interesting visit to Madison Wisconsin university and here are the questions I asked him about […]


A Year

This year went by so fast. Every time I think about it makes me feel amazed. It feels that I was barely told I was going to Conception yesterday but it has been a year. This entire year has been filled with many blessings. I have been able to grow so much due to all […]


Interview with Steven

Steven Lilly is a good friend of mine. He is studying for the archdiocese of Chicago and he is in my group, in first year theology. Something that I appreciate and admire about Steven is his strong desire to work for others, not only in missionary work, but also with the “Peace and Justice Gospel of Life” that is a group […]

A Life of Service – Una vida de servicio

A few weeks ago I attended a dinner at St. Raphael Parish, it was a fundraising dinner for retired priests in charge of “The Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso”. It was a great vocational experience for me. First, I had the opportunity to share experiences with many young and retired priests, as well as […]

Experiencia de Dios

El pasado mes de marzo del tuve mi retiro ACTS, una experiencia que fue diferente a las demás retiros de evangelización que he tomado y en las cuales he ayudado dentro de este proceso de formación en el Seminario. Al principio me encontraba lleno de preocupaciones por la escuela, al saber que regresando después del retiro me encontraría […]

Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd

When I was in college in Vietnam, I used to have an image of Jesus the Good Shepherd on my desk at all times! It was a very peaceful, trustful, and joyful feeling whenever I looked at the image. The image reminded me that I was always taken care, watched over and protected by Jesus […]

Holy Week Experience

Toward the end of my second year of Philosophy I have had wonderful experiences in which I have learned a great deal, and one of them has been to live and serve during Holy Week. Here at Conception Seminary we had a delightful three day silent retreat as we approached the Easter Vigil. During this […]

School Year

This school year is almost over, but it feels like it has been barely three months! Time has gone by so fast. It has been such a great year. I have grown so much since arriving here. Being away in the middle of “nowhere” has really helped out my spirituality. I am able to keep […]


Last Month of the Third Year of Theology

Their is a month left for the Spring Semester to end and it is a time that can be stressful and also filled with joy and anticipation.  During this last month I have a few papers to write and then prepare for final exams before the end of the semester.  This year has been a […]

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New School Year

New School Year

Something that characterizes the beginning of the new school year is the list of books that are necessary for classes. The books weigh heavy and can be very intimidating (many seminarians will even post photos of their school books to social media sites in exaggeration.) But I ask myself, “What is it that keeps me […]

Discernment / Discernimiento

Canonical Retreat

Canonical Retreat

In January I went on my canonical retreat here at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston because of ordination to the diaconate this year 2015.  This was at a retreat house here in Houston.  We went over the Ordination Rite for Deacon and it was a very spiritual and emotional retreat because I had the chance to reflect […]

Events / Eventos

ACTS Retreat

ACTS Retreat

A few days ago I attended a retreat called ACTS. It was an excellent experience because it was a time of intimacy with God, and also a time to know myself. The retreat was a great experience that enriched and strengthened my vocation. Some people gave testimonies about their conversion and God’s love, and then […]

Interesting / Interesante

Ministry of Lector at St. Mary’s Seminary

Ministry of Lector at St. Mary’s Seminary

On February 15, 2015, I received and was installed into the Ministry of Lector for the Catholic Church by Most Rev. Curtis J. Guillory Bishop of Beaumont. This is the first step to get ready for priestly ordination. In this ministry, I have been given the responsibility to proclaim the Word of God in the […]

Interviews / Entrevistas

Interview with Ross Epping

Interview with Ross Epping

This is the first a new series that will focus on people activities at the seminary that I attend. I know the power of the witness of the life of others. We are inspired by their actions and commitment and great love that make us want to be people of faith commitment and love. I hope […]

Reflection / Reflexión

You’ve Got to Have Heart!

You’ve Got to Have Heart!

I was born with a heart condition and needed complicated surgery, unfortunately I was too small for the trauma of open heart surgery and was forced to wait under the care at the hospital for six months. The day came and the surgery went on successfully. My mother always reminded me that God healed me […]

Seminary Life / Vida en el Seminario

Mis primeras vacaciones como seminarista

Mis primeras vacaciones como seminarista

Después de que entre al Seminario San Charles Borromeo, de la Diócesis de El Paso Tx. Pase 4 meses en los cuales no había ido a mi casa, la cual se encuentra en Saucillo, Chihuahua. Mi ciudad queda de 7 a 8 horas de distancia del  El Paso haciendo el viaje en camión. Cuando iba de camino a […]

Vocation Story / Historia Vocacional

Mi llamada recibida por Dios para seguirle a El

Mi llamada recibida por Dios para seguirle a El

Yo soy Wilbert Colas de Haití, por la gracia y la bendición de Dios nací el 04/01/1981 en un pueblo muy humilde y muy católico, dónde la gente tiene mucha fe en Dios nuestro Creador. Este lugar se llama JEAN-RABEL, está en la provincia de Noroeste de Haití donde aprendí como seguir a Dios en […]


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