Posada Vocacional 2014

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Mi llamada recibida por Dios para seguirle a El

Yo soy Wilbert Colas de Haití, por la gracia y la bendición de Dios nací el 04/01/1981 en un pueblo muy humilde y muy católico, dónde la gente tiene mucha fe en Dios nuestro Creador. Este lugar se llama JEAN-RABEL, está en la provincia de Noroeste de Haití donde aprendí como seguir a Dios en […]


My First Days

Hello my name is Noe Mendiola I am the baby of the seminarians at St. Charles Seminary. I arrived a short two and a half months ago and am the only first year seminarian this year. Don’t be fooled by the word baby, you see, unlike your average seminarian I am 45 years old but in seminarian […]


My Life in Warm and Cold Colors

Even though I am not the President of the United States, the creator of a new painting technique, or a heroic missionary looking for new places to evangelize, I do believe that my life so far has been meaningful and exciting. My name is Angel Valdez; I was born in Cd. Juarez. I live in […]


Getting pointed in the right direction

When I discerned to resume my priestly formation after being “on hiatus” for several years, I looked forward to many things that I missed from my previous time in formation. But I was surprised to find that what I missed most was spiritual direction. For those unsure what spiritual direction is, it’s a time set […]


Los santos del nuevo milenio

Este mes celebramos la memoria de todos los santos, y no puedo evitar recordar con alegría las palabras que mencionó S.S. Juan Pablo II en el discurso de la XV Jornada mundial de la juventud: «Jóvenes de todos los continentes ¡no tengáis miedo de ser los santos del nuevo milenio! Sed contemplativos y amantes de […]


Una nueva experiencia

Hola, mi nombre es Alfonso Coronado. Soy originario de Saucillo, Chih., que se encuentra al sureste del estado de Chihuahua. Por ahora me encuentro estudiando inglés en UTEP en el programa ELI (English Language Institute). Es mi segundo mes en la Universidad. Siendo un tiempo arduo y de mucho trabajo para poder aprender el inglés rápido para poder servir […]


My new step in formation

New air I am breathing; a new environment and definitely new challenges. My first semester here in Conception Seminary College has been great so far. One thing to highlight would be the brotherhood that there is here in the seminary. It is so easy to walk into each other’s rooms and get help or just hang […]


Pastoral Year has begun

I have been doing my pastoral year for about two months and I have enjoyed it so far. The pastor is a young priest: intellectual, humble, holy, and passionate. I have been learning a lot from him. The life at the parish is full of surprises! The pastor and I definitely try to accomplish whatever […]


My pastoral year

Pastoral year is a program of the diocese for all the seminarians who are usually in the second or third year in theology. Each and every seminarian of the diocese in theology level needs to be ready for the internship program. Pastoral year is equivalent to “on the job training” for the all students studying […]


Transition Back To Seminary

I have returned to for my third year of theology here at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, TX.  I have two more years left if I am to be ordained priest.  The transition for Pastoral Year to the seminary was somewhat easy.  I know that seminary is only temporal and the two years will be […]

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New School Year

New School Year

Something that characterizes the beginning of the new school year is the list of books that are necessary for classes. The books weigh heavy and can be very intimidating (many seminarians will even post photos of their school books to social media sites in exaggeration.) But I ask myself, “What is it that keeps me […]

Discernment / Discernimiento

The Convocation: Such a Great Blessing

The Convocation: Such a Great Blessing

This past week I had the opportunity to experience my first convocation. The experience was such a blessing in many ways. One of the things I truly loved about the convocation was being able to see my fellow seminary brothers that I rarely get to see in a daily basis. The convocation made it possible […]

Events / Eventos

Summer 2014 – A New and Wonderful Experience!

Summer 2014 – A New and Wonderful Experience!

It is summer time!!! How do you enjoy your summer so far? Wish you an enjoyable, fruitful, and blessed summer. I would like to share with you how my summer looks like so far. For this summer, I am doing my Clinical Pastoral Education in Austin, Texas as a chaplain. I have been going from […]

Interesting / Interesante

Everything Happens For a Reason

Everything Happens For a Reason

How many people out there have problems? You could barely have any problems or you might be filled with many. Some of the problems might be small while others are big. Some might affect you more than others. The truth is that we allow our problems to influence us in our decision-making. There are many […]

Interviews / Entrevistas

Interview with Ross Epping

Interview with Ross Epping

This is the first a new series that will focus on people activities at the seminary that I attend. I know the power of the witness of the life of others. We are inspired by their actions and commitment and great love that make us want to be people of faith commitment and love. I hope […]

Reflection / Reflexión

Reflection on Celibacy

Reflection on Celibacy

Why can’t priests marry? It’s a question people often ask and the requirement of celibacy has also been blamed as one of the causes of sexual abuse by priests. Our Church teaches that “The underlying logic of priestly celibacy is the same one we encounter in Christian matrimony: the total gift of everything forever in […]

Seminary Life / Vida en el Seminario

Cuando Dios quiera

Cuando Dios quiera

Uno de los hermosos ministerios de los cuales he participado durante este verano en la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima, en Van Horn, Texas, ha sido el de llevar la Eucaristía a los enfermos. He aprendido mucho del valor que estas personas tienen para enfrentar sus limitaciones poniendo su confianza en Dios, quien no […]

Vocation Story / Historia Vocacional

My Calling

My Calling

My vocation story started around the age of 8. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to attend church. My family was the type that never went to church. Every time we passed Our Lady of Assumption Church I always wanted to go inside the temple. My family just said “One day we […]


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